Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Support and Mom of the Year

Thanks for all of the sweet comments. Just so you know (here I go thinking about what other people think of me) I don't write stuff to get people to say nice things to make me feel better (not that I don't appreciate it, because I really do) or for a pity party. I just write what I feel as I am sure most of you do as well. Generally I am a pretty happy kind of person and secure in my place in this world ... well most days! Anyway - thanks for the support ladies!

Update on Mom of the Year Award: At the end of last weekend's soccer game, Chatty comes running off the field shouting "Mom, I scored a goal!" I look at her and say "You don't mean the one that you kicked and then stopped going after (just like the week before) and the kid from the other team accidentally kicked it in?" "No mom, I scored another goal and you weren't even paying attention" Mr. ESPN walks over and confirms that she did score one herself. Me - "Great job Chatty I am so proud of you." Then I turn to the two moms I was chatting with during the game and told them I am not allowed to talk to them during the games anymore because between watching Bia and talking to them I couldn't pay attention and see Chatty's first goal. To top it off Mr. ESPN and I forgot to bring the camera too ... lucky Chatty was so excited about scoring and the after game snack that she didn't get mad at me for missing the goal. Hope you are are fairing better in the Mom of the Year Award category!!

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